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From Energetic Body Therapy, I provide various forms of care. I offer online appointments to all locations and consultations in person within Germany, where I currently live. I also travel to Brazil frequently, which makes it possible some face-to-face encounters when I'm there. We can also talk about what you are looking for at this moment and create a specific combination of sessions together.


Therapeutic work of
individual self-development

I create a specific path for each client based on their searches, qualities and possibilities.


My work with Energetic Body Therapy includes a full anamnesis of the individual, physical exercises with specific intentions to move consciousness and energy, meditation, subtle energy touch, breathing techniques and mental integration.


You can bring a specific question to be worked on or, even, open yourself to a continuous monitoring aimed at self-development and quality of life.

Here, we'll get in touch with the body as a way of releasing what is being worked on in each part of the path.


Individual sessions
of Energy Alignment

This service is based on a Subtle Energy work that includes our energy centers (the chakras).


It could either be a single session appointment  or a sequence of sessions directed towards a specific intention.

Energy Alignment sessions are indicated for those looking for alignment, relaxation, purification, energy balance and greater inner contact.

Here, I'll use subtle touch techniques, energy cleansing, organization and perception of energy fields, as well as sound healing, pendulum, visualization, breathing and high touch.


Body work group

A work with the power of the group for activation, release, stretching and rooting. It includes a combination of bodily practices and elaboration.

These are fixed study groups for the union of body and soul, meeting frequently, organizing ourselves in cycles with breaks between them.

Let's think about hybrid encounters:
sometimes online, sometimes face-to-face,

according to the availability of those involved.

Body work group includes dancing, stretchingCore Energetics Therapy and meditation.


Meditation group

An online group through which I send weekly recorded meditations with different themes to ] support on the path of reconnection with yourself and, consequently, with others and with life.

In this group, I include one individual online appointment per month to monitor each member's process.

It is recommended for those looking for an inner connection in solitude. A proposal for dives that can be experienced whereverwhenever and however the individual wants.


Expression, dance and sexuality workshops and retreats

I anchor meetings that involve my lines of therapeutical work, such as Catharsis Dance, Sexual HealingBody-poetry, Female Inner AlchemyThe Scream of the Soul, Body-and-I and Bodily Unblocking.

These meetings might take place either as online or face-to-face journeys, in Brazil or in Germany.

Sometimes they include the presence

of other therapists from my network.

I think of these encounters as flights and dives. Or even an impulse. A start. A revelation.

They are deep immersion works with the safety of a containment space and with the support of an intimate community.



This is a face-to-face work that combines art, poetry and self-knowledge in a kind of body reading.


I translate what I see in the interacting body with words and images in an attempt to embody the poetry that one is.

The Body-poetry can be delivered in the form of a written, a photographed or a filmed poem. When filmed, I include my husband, Steven Altig, and his camera. 


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