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The body as a path

Body Therapy


The body is an alive map.

I read the history manifested in your body. The connection between physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies.

I use it to develop a unique way of work, connected with each individuality in the direction of your own needs. 

I call this work as a journey to your self-revelation.

Self-knowledge through the body.

You will be your raw material of study and your own healing. 

When we recognize who we are, we feel embodied on earth.

The grounding within yourself.

I offer a safe space to get in contact with the repressions of the body and to movement the present tensions through practical consciousness exercises.

Through the body, me and you, we will work with the emotions and offer a path of liberation and understanding them.

This inner work is a beautiful opportunity to grow and transform what prevents you from being in life with pleasure and freedom.

We can only transform what we are aware of.

And freedom is to get to know us more and more.

The power of self responsibility activates the core of our being.

Individual sessions that last between 60 min and 90 min each.

Energetic work

The Energy Therapy is a subtle energy work.

It is recommended for bodies seeking alignment, relaxation, purification and inner contact.

We will work the strength centers (the chakras), with activation, balance and discharge.

I will use my breath and my hands as connecting instruments.

I offer a safe space where you will be lying down during the process.

Individual sessions that takes 60 min total each.


Stretching Work

Individual and group classes with the goal of a bodily reconnection.

The focus is on opening internal and external spaces, step by step, with compassion.


This work is not about performing the movements, but about choosing (new) limits.

​Experiencing body expression as daily contact enables a whole more flexible existence.

If you enjoy experiencing movement in your body, I will be glad to guide you on this path.

How much energy you have and how you uses it, will determine your responses to life. So, let's make it flexible!

Each class with 60 min duration.

Dance Catharsis

The dance as an expression of confession.

This dance work is an emotional release propose.

It happen with music, suggestions of movements and my voice guidance.
The objetive is to awake the wild reactions within ourselves.
It's a stage to call and allow the power of each body.
A route back to spontaneity.

Individual and group sessions with duration between 60 min and 90 min each.

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