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Yasmim Hulme

AWARENESS    |     BODY     |     ENERGY    |     MOVEMENT

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I accompany those who choose self-discovery and the expression of one's profound truth.


Investigate, feel, perceive, express, act, move, dance, breathe. I work to remember and to give back the right of each human being to exist in their authenticity with greater awareness, self-rooting and pleasure.


My aim is to move within the Being what one longs to live out, respecting present limits and the power of choice of each.

The movements arrive to open us up, to change, to grow, to release. Expressing what the body hides is a path to wholeness and a return to spontaneity. 

My provocation is that you allow yourself to experiment. I'm here to encourage you to know what your movement urges to reveal.

For those who want to know and to express themselves radically, I co-create a possible path of honesty.

Therapeutic work of individual self-development

I create a specific path for each client based on their needs, qualities and possibilities.

Meditation group

An online group through which I send weekly recorded meditations with different themes that support the path of returning to connect with yourself. In this group, I include one individual appointment per month to monitor the individual process of each one.

Individual sessions of energy alignment

A work with the subtle energy and the chakras. You can either choose a single session or a journey sequence directed towards a specific goal.

Expression, dance and sexuality workshops and retreats

Guided journeys that delve into themes such as Catharsis Dance, Sexual Healing, The Scream of the Soul, Body I, Body Unblocking and Female Inner Alchemy. Here, I use dance as an expression of confession. They are proposals for emotional liberation that invite us to return to spontaneity.

Body work group

A work with the strength of the group for activation, release, stretching and rooting. It includes face-to-face body practices and integration of consciousness.


A work that reads the body's own history, sewing together art, poetry and body therapy. Corpoema can be delivered in the form of a written, a photographed or a filmed poem. When filmed, I include my husband, Steven Altig, and his camera. 


For transformation to take place, 

the body must move and pulsate. 

Let's talk? 

I appreciate you're getting in touch!

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