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Today, I feel like a researcher of consciousness, emotions and the body. I investigate possible ways to express them,

feel them, understand them and bring them back to life.

Emotion, as the name suggests, is the path of action – the transport to transformation. Emotion needs the body to exist
and fulfill its function of moving life.

And the body needs emotion to survive in reality and respond to life.

My job is to support bodies to express themselves more freely and to channel their emotions as agents of transformation.

That includes walking through dense valleys with eyes that don't judge, but can see. It includes pain within pleasure, ugliness within beauty, shadow within the light, defect within the virtue.


I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
and I'm living in Campinas, Brazil, now.

I started my process of self-knowledge early in life through therapeutic work. Something inside me was pulsing, pulling me closer to know more about the emotions that inhabited me and what ways I had to express them.

I experienced myself intimately through stretching, classical ballet and modern dance. These practices led me to feel, experience and know that this Something also inhabited my physical body – in fact, it was not separate at all.

This Something influenced me in forms, possibilities and movements.


I got friends with my body. It became my confessional, my guide and a place of many surprises. My body started talking to me too. We developed conscious communication.

Talking to my body has become my medicine and my healing.

I remember the day when, with the soles of my feet together and my head given over to the Earth, I felt my entire body in prayer.


My father introduced me to Earth.

My mother introduced me to the Body.

When I was young, I mixed the dream of making a living from dance with Film Studies. I had all these scripts about the “Body-Talks” that I saw and heard inside and outside of me.

I ended up getting involved with the Yang energy of Cinema Production. Then I dove into Body Reading and Reiki studies. As time went on, I found Pathwork, Bioenergetics and Core Energetics | Essence Energy  – that's where I find fulfillment as a human being right now. 

I see reality and mystery

in a deep relationship.



I believe in the power of contemplating , naming, embodying and giving birth to sensations with the poetry of movements. I believe each body is its own oracle. Learning how to read it is my life mission.

On my Pathwork and Core Energetics path, I discovered that our greatest wounds and treasures live within our desires and choices. Through the body, we can touch the defense mechanisms that prevent the expression of individuality – our wrong conclusions about life, which also bring our limitations.


Non-expression pollutes the creative life and puts instinct to sleep. Renouncing images and thoughts that dress the idea of ​​who we think we are requires courage.


Each body is a great unfinished mystery. What does not yet exist and we do not know is a great adventure.



  • Stretching and Classical Ballet.

  • Modern dance inspired by Marta Blanco, Nina Verchinina, Martha Graham and Lester Horton.

  • Temporary Theater course at CAL.

  • Media | Cinema at PUC-RIO.

  • Season traveling through countries in Europe studying film scripts and different categories of modern and intuitive dance.

  • Experience in Ecuador connecting with shamanism and indigenous guardians of ancestral knowledge.

  • Tibetan Yoga, Body Reading, Reiki Master, Pathwork, Bioenergetic, Deep Levels of Consciousness and Core Energetics.


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